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I reached out to Jesper Bröring fellow Hyper Student when he went to visit Google's Campus coworking spot in London. Here where his experiences:

Making Space For Others

Interview with Jesper Bröring via email on 24th October 2012

Date opened: End 2012

Tell me what it was like, how where you greeted when you walked in the door, atmosphere, what happened?

I already looked up the Campus London on their website and found out that I could work for free in their cafe downstairs.

When I got at the Campus London, I got nicely greeted by a woman behind the desk. I said that I was there for the first time and didn't know how it all worked. She asked me if I signed up on the website and I said no because no where on the website(what I discovered) said that you had to. I sat down on the ground floor where they had a nice corner where you could sit and wait for somebody. I noticed they had a conference room in the back and the whole ground floor looked nice, had a nice atmosphere with old vintage furniture.

I signed up online and got a reference code. I went back to the woman behind the desk and she got me a credit card sized membership card (see Facebook picture). She scanned it for me and I needed to type in my reference code on a touchscreen. After that she explained some more about the cafe downstairs. Overall she was very helpful.

When I went to downstairs, to the cafe as they call it. It was like a canteen or a lunchroom of a big company. They had books, a message board and of course a place where you could buy drinks, sandwiches and more stuff like that. Tables varied and that was a bit messy. The whole space was reasonably sized but it sounded like it was overcrowded with people. I worked there for 90 minutes or so on some basic stuff because the noise was not good to work in. The internet was great, fast but the place to work was not good.

The atmosphere downstairs was quite alright, not good and not bad, personally I didn't very like it but I guess that other people will. Some people meet each other, which is quite nice and I wanted to sit down somewhere at a bigger table which looked good to work on but a guy told me that there would be a meeting at 12:00 over there so I made the decision not to sit there. There where A LOT of people talking to each other and that's why it was so loud and everything. I noticed that there was also a kind of a manager walking around who talked to different people that sounded like introduction talks and everything.

When I was done with my basic work I left because I couldn't work in the noise and my back was hurting because of the uncomfortable workspace. The workspaces are not really workspaces, it's more suitable for a big lunchroom. That is also why they call it a Cafe of course but they advertise on their website that you can easily work downstairs. I can't. I assume that their workspaces upstairs(paid per month or year) are very good and very suitable to work.

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